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May 2016 Dairy Market Report Now Available

June 3, 2018

Increased production per cow and expectations for additional milk production growth is dampening the outlook for milk prices for the remainder of 2016. Spot market prices for Cheddar cheese are under pressure from rising inventories, and this will soon be reflected in the USDA/AMS dairy product price survey and in Federal Order Class III prices.Nonfat dry milk and dry whey prices remain in line with world market-driven, depressed levels, although butter prices continue to hold at around $2 a pound.These anticipated low milk prices and the recent rally in grain prices during the spring planting and growing season have combined to push projections for the dairy-income-over-feed-cost margin to its lowest levels since 2013.USDA’s NMPF decision tool for the Margin Protection Program (MPP) now indicates that the MPP margin may fall below $6.00 per hundredweight for the May-June period.

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