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Higher Prices, Effective Policies Helping Dairy Rebound and Advance, Agri-Mark’s Jacquier Says

June 8, 2020

Higher milk prices and effective federal policies – both encouraged by dairy’s unity in responding to the coronavirus crisis – are dramatically turning around dairy-farmer fortunes and presenting opportunities to build on positive lessons learned, according to James “Cricket” Jacquier, a member of the NMPF’s executive committee and chairman of the board for Agri-Mark.

For all the disruption the crisis has brought, and for all the questions that have yet to be answered, dairy’s response to it has shown a strength in the industry, said Jacquier, whose Laurelbrook Farm outside East Canaan, Connecticut, is a fourth-generation dairy. Farmers can use their experiences to advance their message of providing wholesome, essential products to consumers, he said.

Responding to crisis “really brings the families together, it brings your employees together, it brings the cooperatives together,” he said. Now, “we’ve got to step it up, and we’ve got to be out there just telling the consumers what we do and have them have a better understanding of where their food comes from.”

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