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FMMO Recommendations Build on NMPF Success

July 8, 2024

USDA’s proposed plan for Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) modernization release July 1 reflected years of painstaking NMPF efforts in crafting a comprehensive plan and building consensus across dairy, leading to recommendations that will set dairy up for success.

The proposal, which is open for comment through August, comes after USDA examined hearing briefs submitted by participants in 2023’s record-long federal order hearing. NMPF again led with its comprehensive approach to improved milk pricing, offering the department detailed proposals that worked to ensure benefits for farms in all regions, of all sizes.

“NMPF is heartened that much of what we proposed after more than two years of policy development, and another year of testimony and explanation, is reflected in USDA’s recommended FMMO modernization plan,” NMPF President and CEO Gregg Doud said in a statement the day the plan was released.

“Crafting an effective milk-pricing system for farmers is complex and requires a careful balance. USDA’s plan acknowledges that complexity and, while not matching our proposal in every detail, looks largely in keeping with the comprehensive approach painstakingly determined by the work of dairy farmers and their cooperatives over the past three years,” Doud said. “We look forward to examining this proposal topic-by-topic, gathering input regarding the various needs of our members nationwide, and adding their insights as this process moves toward a vote of producers.”

Doud elaborated on USDA’s plan, and its relationship to proposals by NMPF and others, in NMPF’s monthly CEO’s Corner column.

The proposal is now in a 60-day comment period. NMPF’s member-led task force on FMMO is meeting July 11 to discuss the plan and offer member input, while the following day NMPF’s Co-op Communicators Committee is discussing publicity and farmer-communications efforts to educate the industry on the proposal. After USDA reviews public comments, a final plan will be put to a vote of producers, likely in the early months of 2025.