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February Marks Another Big Month for CWT Export Assistance

March 8, 2013

In February, Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) helped member cooperatives make 85 foreign sales of cheese, butter, and whole milk powder totaling 22.8 million pounds of product.

The 43 cheese sales assisted by CWT totaled 10.8 million pounds of cheddar, Gouda, and Monterey Jack cheese. The 40 butter sales amounted to 11.9 million pounds of product, while two sales of whole milk powder totaling 130,073 pounds were made as well.

This brought total CWT-assisted sales in 2013 to 30.1 million pounds of cheese, 21.6 million pounds of butter, and 218,258 pounds of whole milk powder. The milk equivalent of this amount was 749.1 million pounds, or the annual production of 35,600 cows.

CWT is a significant factor in exports of U.S. dairy products, accounting for 83% of American-type cheese exports and 18% of all cheese exports in 2012. CWT export assistance also accounted for 62% of all U.S. butter exports.