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FARM Program Creating Educational Materials on Worker Safety, Human Resources

May 7, 2018

After requests from farmers, program participants and dairy customers across the country, the National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program is expanding its suite of educational resources addressing on-farm dairy safety.

The FARM Program materials will help farmers who want basic human resources tools and safety practices for their employees, enabling farm owners to increase worker engagement, reduce employee turnover and manage liabilities from the safety risks of dairy farming. The materials will also help answer questions from major dairy customers asking about farm employee management.

Last year, the FARM Program pulled together the FARM Dairy Safety task force – comprising dairymen, cooperative management and safety experts from across the country – to begin addressing the questions being asked of the industry. The task force then decided to form two working groups focused on worker safety and human resources.

The task force has directed the FARM Program to begin creating educational materials to distribute to dairy farmers in 2018, with input from the working groups. The following materials will be available to farmers later this year:

Human Resources

  • 50 State by State Factsheets for all relevant HR laws applicable to dairy farmers
  • Producer Self-Assessment Checklist
  • FARM Human Resources Manual
  • Housing Provider Best Practices
  • Employee Handbook Template
  • Online HR Management Training Module

Worker Safety

  • Producer Self-Assessment Checklist
  • FARM Worker Safety Manual
  • Safety Plan Template
  • Worker Safety Videos

As the FARM Program receives input from different sources, it is also looking for examples of positive producer safety efforts happening on FARM dairy operations. Contact Ryan Bennett with any questions, input or examples of dairy farms using effective worker safety or HR practices.