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Farm Bill Negotiations Tied to Supercommittee Budget Process

November 3, 2011

The leaders of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees in recent days have been negotiating the framework of the next Farm Bill in an effort to limit the amount of money cut from agricultural spending programs by the so-called joint supercommittee, which itself has been negotiating over how to drastically reduce government spending.

A final Farm Bill framework is expected to be presented by the Ag Committee to the supercommittee in the next few days, although the details of that proposal are not available as of press time for this newsletter.

As part of the Farm Bill negotiations, the Ag Committee leaders have looked at the Dairy Security Act as a means to reduce the dairy budget portion of the Farm Bill by 20%, while providing farmers a better safety net. The Dairy Security Act contains the concepts of NMPF’s Foundation for the Future program.

The joint supercommittee has a self-imposed deadline of November 22 by which to find $1.2 trillion in budget cuts over the next decade. If such an agreement can’t be reached, the cuts will come automatically in an across-the-board fashion.