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2020 NMPF “Virtual” Cheese Contest Results are in

November 2, 2020

The 2020 NMPF “virtual” cheese contest provided once again, the opportunity for NMPF’s cooperatives to highlight their tremendous cheeses. While the contest looked different due to NMPF’s first-ever virtual annual meeting, the contest still received nearly 190 entries of delicious cheese and cottage cheese – a tale of resilience spotlighted in an NMPF Dairy Defined podcast Nov. 3.

The 2020 NMPF Chairman’s Award winner for the best cheese in the contest was the Aged Asiaigo entered by Associated Milk Producers Incorporated from cooperative’s plant in Hoven, South Dakota. The 2020 NMPF Chairman’s Reserve Award winner for the second best cheese in the contest was the Smoked Gouda entered by Select Milk Producers Incorporated from the cooperative’s plant in Monticello, Wisconsin.

The contest wouldn’t have been possible without help from the cheese judges- Allison Reynolds with USDA, Tim Meyers with the College of DuPage and Gina Mode and Marianne Smukowski with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. NMPF thanks the cooperatives for their continued participation and support for the contest, especially in a year when things looked slightly different. The full list of winners can be found below: