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Mar. 22 - NMPF President Says Strengthening Dairy Safety Net Program Must be Priority as Farm Bill Discussions Commence

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As Congress begins its deliberations on the next farm bill, improvements to the dairy Margin Protection Program must be a top priority for lawmakers,... Read More

MAY 25 - National Dairy FARM Program Opens Registration for 2017 Evaluator Conference Read More
MAY 18 - Dairy Industry Welcomes Swift Action by USTR Lighthizer to Launch NAFTA Modernization Efforts Read More
MAY 18 - NMPF Facilitates NCIMS Passage of Proposals to Enhance Safety of Dairy Foods Read More
MAY 17 - State Milk Regulators Ask FDA for Assistance on Assuring Proper Use of Dairy Product Terminology Read More


Jim Mulhern
NMPF President & CEO

Dairy Spotlight

The Edler Family

Craig Edler currently sits on the NMPF Board of Directors and is a long-time member of Dairy Farmers of America. He and his wife Katharine operate Cam Cal Kar Dairy Farms, located near Browntown, Wisc. The farm is home to 700 registered Holstein cows, and grows corn and alfalfa on 1,700 acres....

Undeniably Dairy

In a multiyear effort to reintroduce America to dairy, NMPF joins the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy's campaign Undeniably Dairy™. This campaign dives deeper into the undeniable taste and enjoyment of dairy, as well as the undeniable commitment the dairy industry makes to being a relevant and socially responsible part of communities across the country.

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