Associate Members

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Being tied to the leading trade organization in the dairy industry is not the only benefit of an NMPF associate member. This membership offers the unique opportunity to participate in meetings and conferences with NMPF member cooperatives. Associate members also receive members-only publications such as the News for Dairy Co-Ops, Dairy Industry News Alert, Activities & Accomplishment Report, the Regulatory Register, ImportWatch, Dairy Producer Highlights, and the first view of NMPF press releases. Join this list by becoming an associate member. Please contact Anuja Miner for more information.


Associate Membership Application Form


Click on an associate member's name to be taken to their website (where applicable).


Agri-Services Agency, LLC


American Veal Association

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition

Blimling and Associates

California Dairy Research Foundation

Cardinal Logistics Management

Center for Dairy Excellence

Ceres Dairy Risk Management LLC

Charm Sciences, Inc.

Cheese Market News


Colorado State University

Daily Dairy Report

Dairy Australia

Dairy Council of California

Dairy & Food Market Analyst

Dairy Herd Management

Dairy Institute of California