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NMPF Submits Comments on Industrial versus Natural Trans Fats

On March 8, 2014, NMPF submitted comments responding to a Food and Drug Administration Federal Register notice concerning a tentative decision to withdraw a “generally recognized as safe,” or GRAS, designation for partially hydrogenated oils because they are the primary dietary source of industrially produced trans fats.

NMPF urged the agency, should it decide to withdraw the GRAS designation, to distinguish between industrial-produced trans fats, which do not occur in nature, and ruminant trans fats, which occur naturally in meat and milk and are unavoidable in ordinary diets.

Reducing consumption of ruminant trans fats, NMPF said, could result in undesirable dietary effects, such as lower intakes of the nine essential nutrients in milk and milk products.     

Read NMPF’s full comments online.

NMPF Comments on "Added Sugars"

On July 30, 2012, NMPF submitted comments in response to a Federal Register notice from FDA about an experimental study on consumer responses to Nutrition Facts labels with declarations of the amount of “added sugars”.

NMPF’s comments questioned the effectiveness and utility of adding this information to the Nutrition Facts panel without having a universally accepted definition of “added sugars”, and discussed the technical difficulties associated with establishing such a definition.

NMPF maintains that the declaration of “added sugars” on food labels should not discourage the consumption of nutrient-dense foods, such as low-fat and fat-free milk and dairy products. As defined by the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, naturally-occurring sugars (such as fructose and lactose in fruit and milk/dairy products, respectively) should not be considered “added sugars”.

Read NMPF's full comments online.
















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