National Dairy FARM Program

The National Dairy FARM Program: Farmers Assuring Responsible ManagementTM is a nationwide, verifiable animal well-being program that provides consistency and uniformity to best practices in animal care and quality assurance in the dairy industry. The program aims to provide a consistent platform for animal well-being, which producers can use to evaluate their on-farm animal care practices. Third-party verification ensures the validity and the integrity of the program to our customers and consumers. The dairy industry has an excellent track record of responsible management practices; this national effort simply brings consistency and uniformity to on-farm care and provides reassurance to consumers.


National Dairy FARM Animal Care Reference Manual

The National Dairy FARM Animal Care Reference Manual has been formatted for ease of use by providing best practices for (1) nutrition, (2) animal health, (3) environment and facilities, and (4) handling, movement, and transportation. In each of these chapters you will find a management checklist, a description of the best practices, a section for specific lifecycle considerations, and a list of other resources. Separate chapters cover the care of newborns and special-needs animals. Management and training are recurring themes throughout each chapter and are covered in the beginning of the manual. The National Dairy FARM Animal Care Reference Manual is a comprehensive animal care resource tool.

Additional resources such as the Quick Reference User Guide and Spanish translations are also available.


Milk and Dairy Beef Residue Prevention Manual

The Milk and Dairy Beef Drug Residue Prevention Manual is a concise review of judicious use of antibiotics in dairy animals. The manual is a quick resource to review those antibiotics approved for dairy animals and can also be used as an educational tool and resource for farm managers as they develop their on-farm best management practices necessary to avoid milk and meat residues. It is also available in Spanish.