NMPF Staff

Emily Yeiser Stepp

Vice President, FARM Animal Care

Emily Yeiser Stepp is the Vice President of the National Dairy FARM Program, where she oversees the U.S. dairy industry’s social responsibility program that encompasses animal care, antibiotic stewardship, environmental stewardship and workforce development.  Emily began her involvement in the dairy industry through the 4-H dairy leasing program and then went on to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Animal Science from Penn State University. Upon graduation from Penn State, Emily worked for ABS Global Inc. as their Young Sire Program Specialist in the Mid-Atlantic region.  She then went on to attend graduate school at Virginia Tech and obtained her Master of Science degree in Dairy Science. Following her Master’s program, Yeiser Stepp served as the Dairy Initiatives Manager for the Center for Dairy Excellence in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and as the Dairy and Beef Extension Coordinator at the University of Maryland.

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