2019 NDB/NMPF/UDIA Joint Annual Meeting

November 4-6, 2019
New Orleans, Louisiana

Every fall, the National Milk Producers Federation organizes a joint annual meeting with the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board (NDB) and the United Dairy Industry Association (UDIA). Dairy producers, member cooperatives, Young Cooperators (YCs), industry representatives, staff and others from all over the country arrive for three days of speeches, reports, banquets, general sessions, town hall meetings and award ceremonies. Taking place in a different U.S. city each year, the annual meeting represents an opportunity for those active in the dairy industry to get together and share in their common accomplishments and challenges, as well as discuss the best route for the industry’s future.

This year’s event will be held November 4-6 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel New Orleans.

Check back here for further updates as we approach our annual event!

2019 NMPF annual meeting – Schedule at a Glance

Sunday, Nov. 3 – AM

  • 2020 YC Advisory Council Breakfast
  • NMPF Cooperative Communicators Luncheon

Sunday, Nov. 3 – PM

  • NMPF YC 2019 Council & Coordinators
  • NMPF Small Cooperative Member Caucus
  • NMPF YC Welcome
  • NMPF Executive Committee Meeting


Monday, Nov. 4 – AM

  • NMPF YC Leadership & Development Program
  • NMPF CWT Committee & Board of Directors Meeting
  • NDB Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, Nov. 4 – PM

  • NMPF Board of Directors Luncheon
  • UDIA Nominating Committee Luncheon
  • NMPF Delegates Meeting
  • UDIA House of Delegates Meeting
  • NMPF 2020 Board of Directors Meeting
  • NDB/UDIA Retiring Directors Reception
  • NMPF Board of Directors Dinner
  • NMPF YC Dinner


Tuesday, Nov. 5 – AM

  • Dairy Bar & Exhibits open all day
  • NMPF YC Wrap-Up Breakfast
  • UDIA Board of Directors Meeting
  • NMPF-DMI General Session Part 1

Tuesday, Nov. 5 – PM

  • Opening Luncheon
  • UDIA SR Chairs Luncheon Meeting
  • NMPF 2019 YC Advisory Council Elections & Lunch
  • General Session Part 2
  • “Welcome to New Orleans” Cheese Reception


Wednesday, Nov. 6 –  AM

  • Dairy Bar & Exhibits open until noon
  • DMI Board of Directors Meeting
  • General Session Part 3

Hyatt Regency Hotel New Orleans

2018 NDB/NMPF/UDIA Joint Annual Meeting - Phoenix, AZ