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NMPF Launches Online Calculator to Help Farmers Select Coverage Levels under New Dairy Safety Net

NMPF launched an online, downloadable calculator to help farmers select coverage levels under the new federal dairy safety net, known as the Margin Protection Program for dairy (MPP).

The calculator allows farmers to enter their own milk production and commodity price data to gauge the new program’s likely impact on their operations. It complements a similar tool created by a consortium of land grant universities that is available through the Agriculture Department website.

NMPF Pleased with Newly Unveiled Margin Protection Program for Dairy Farmers

NMPF said it is pleased with the overall provisions of the new margin protection insurance program for dairy farmers, and urged farmers to begin familiarizing themselves with what will be a “valuable tool” to help manage farms’ financial risks in the future.

NMPF will be working to help dairy farmers understand the importance of the new safety net program. The organization is updating its website with relevant information for farmers.












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