Avoiding a Collision

Any trip to a supermarket or restaurant these days would suggest that many safe, effective, science-based and common practices in agriculture are on a collective collision course with expectations down the food chain about how food “ought” to be produced.  That clash is what led to the new federal law on the disclosure of GMOs in food products.  The same pressures are being felt when it comes to how livestock are handled and housed, as companies move to source cage-free eggs and stall-free pigs.

Unfinished Business

Congress has returned to Washington from its summer recess for a brief period to work on the federal budget, before leaving Capitol Hill by the end of the month to campaign for the November elections.  Also left behind will be a number of important policy items that remain the focus of NMPF – and which we’ll continue to push hard for action on, even if it means it will be 2017 before they can be addressed in earnest.



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