A View from the Barnyard

Times are tough for dairy farmers as we head into the summer of 2016. That’s the message NMPF Chairman Randy Mooney delivered on May 24 before the House Agriculture Committee’s livestock subcommittee at a hearing on the “State of the Barnyard.” The hearing addressed the concerns of the nation’s dairy, beef, pork and poultry producers about a range of challenges, starting with the rural economy.

Down a Dark Rabbit Hole

Cultural trends wax and wane, as fads and fashions popular with consumers evolve over time.  Right now the trendy narrative about the conventional practices common across American agriculture – and why those conventions are supposedly suspect – is presenting a real challenge to dairy farmers and, frankly, all mainstream food producers. 

We seem to have stumbled down a rabbit hole into an alternate world where prudent, progressive practices are viewed – at least by some – as problematic, even malicious.


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