Activities and Accomplishments Report

The Activities and Accomplishments Report is an account of various achievements of the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF). Published annually, the report provides cooperative members with an accurate glimpse of NMPF's actions and the important issues it faces each year.


Current Issue: 2013 Report

It’s a great honor and opportunity to become the chief executive of NMPF at such a critical inflection point in the organization’s history, and indeed within the entire dairy industry. 2013 was a pivotal year for NMPF: we continued our fight for the best possible economic safety net for dairy farmers, an effort which actually culminated early in 2014 in the creation of a program that provides for a much brighter future for our members.

In addition to that marquee effort, however, NMPF’s staff fought daily battles on behalf of its members on a variety of other fronts. You’ll learn more about all of these accomplishments in the following pages. I appreciate the support I’ve received from our members as I have assumed this new role, and I am convinced that by actively engaging with each other, we will have many more victories in the coming years.

Jim Mulhern
President & CEO - NMPF