Activities & Accomplishments Report is an annual review of various projects NMPF has worked on throughout the year.


Dairy Data Highlights is a collection of 53 tables and 19 graphs that provides state-by-state and national metrics on all aspects of milk production from the recent past through 2011. Copies are available to order.


Dairy Environmental Handbook is a comprehensive resource of many of the environmental best management practices available to dairy producers.


National Dairy FARM Program has two publications, an animal care manual and a drug residue prevention manual, available to dairy producers on its website.


Regulatory Register is a publication for dairy cooperatives and producers that details recent regulatory activity directly impacting the operation of their farms and manufacturing facilities.


The NMPF Centennial Booklet is a 68-page look at the 100-year history of NMPF, including major milestones, historic photos and the new 2016 logo.