The Reinhardt Family

Josh and Emily Reinhardt are the 2017 Young Cooperator Vice Chaircouple and members of Prairie Farms Dairy. Josh’s grandparents started the farm in 1954 after receiving a dozen chickens and two mules as a wedding gift. Today, the farm is located outside of Red Bud, Ill., where the Reinhardts milk 240 Holsteins and farm about 1,000 acres. In March 2016, they moved into a new barn equipped with DeLaval robots. They’re currently focusing on genetics, and strive to produce heifers that mature into robot-compatible cows with high yields.

November 2017

The Knevelbaard Family

Shelby Knevelbaard is a member of the 2017 Young Cooperator Advisory Council. She and her husband Matthew farm in Tulare, Calif., for which she was elected district chairman through Dairy Farmers of America. They currently milk 600 Holsteins and have 50 acres of farm land for growing corn and wheat silage. The couple started the business in 2011, following Matthew’s family legacy of being in the dairy business for many generations. Matthew’s family came here from Holland, with Matthew being the fourth-generation to work in dairy.


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