Week of March 13: Charles W. Holman, a key figure in NMPF's founding and its chief executive for 34 years, retires. He is replaced by former USDA staffer E.M. (Mike) Norton.

MARCH 7 - NMPF Recommends Changes to Margin Protection Program to Make It Viable Safety Net for Farmers

ARLINGTON, VA – The National Milk Producers Federation Board of Directors today unanimously approved a series of recommended changes to the dairy Margin Protection Program (MPP) that will restore several key elements first proposed by NMPF during development of the 2014 Farm Bill. These changes to the MPP will ensure an effective safety net for the nation’s dairy farmers – if the recommendations are adopted by Congress.


Week of March 6: The U.S. Senate joins the House in passing legislation repealing federal taxes on oleomargarine, largely ending NMPF's long battle against the butter substitute.

The Kraft Family

Chris Kraft is a member of the NMPF Board of Directors, representing Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. Kraft Family Dairies, near Fort Morgan, Colorado, runs two operations. Badger Creek Farm is considered home, where the Kraft family milk 1,300 cows. Quail Ridge Dairy is 3 miles south, where they milk 4,300 cows, all Holstein. The Krafts also farm 850 irrigated acres of corn and alfalfa, which they feed to the cows as forage. Chris and Mary are the owners. They work with son Stratton and 75 employees whose main jobs are caring for the animals.


Week of February 27: In an early legislative victory for NMPF, Congress passed the Anti-Filled Milk Act of 1923, banning the sale of a milk substitute in interstate commerce.


Week of February 21: NMPF applauds the introduction of federal legislation facilitating U.S. agricultural exports to Cuba.


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