Political Action Committee

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What is the NMPF Political Action Committee?

NMPF's Political Action Committee allows the organization to participate in fundraising activities for candidates and make sure that dairy farmers' stories are told on Capitol Hill.


PAC Membership

One of the ways you can ensure your voice is heard in Washington, DC is by being a member of the NMPF PAC. It is easy to become a member: just fill out the membership form and make a contribution. (Please note that only NMPF member cooperatives or associate members are allowed to contribute to the NMPF PAC). These funds, along with contributions from other dairy farmers and NMPF employees, help elect candidates to the House and Senate who are willing to listen to dairy farmers' viewpoints on issues that affect their ability to produce milk and collectively market their products.


NMPF's PAC is governed by a committee consisting of dairy producers and regulated by the Federal Election Commission's rules and guidelines for political action committees. Contact John Hollay for more information.