Press Releases

June 19, 2013:NMPF Says Trans-Pacific Partnership Must Open Canadian Dairy Market to U.S. Exports
June 18, 2013:NMPF Statement Opposing Goodlatte-Scott Farm Bill Amendment
June 12, 2013:Mulhern Named President & CEO of NMPF Starting in 2014
June 12, 2013:Cooperatives Working Together Members Commit to Additional Two-Year Program
June 11, 2013:NMPF Commends Senate for Proceeding with Immigration Reform Bill
June 10, 2013:Senate Approves Farm Bill Containing Dairy Policy Reform
June 07, 2013:NMPF Thanks Nevada Governor Sandoval for Vetoing Raw Milk Bill
June 07, 2013:Processors Distort Consumer Milk Price Increase Claims
June 06, 2013:Senate Deserves Dairy Farmers’ Sincere Thanks on Cloture Vote
June 05, 2013:NMPF Sees Goodlatte Amendment as a Good Compromise
June 05, 2013:NMPF, Dairy Organizations Nationwide Urge Senate to End Farm Bill Debate
June 05, 2013:Effort to Build Awareness of the REAL® Seal in Social Media Launched During June Dairy Month
May 29, 2013:NMPF and IDFA Criticize Nevada Raw Milk Bill, Urge Governor Sandoval to Veto Legislation Permitting Sales of Unpasteurized Milk
May 22, 2013:Agriculture Workforce Coalition Statement on Senate Judiciary Committee Approval of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act
May 15, 2013:NMPF Lauds House Agriculture Committee Vote to Support Dairy Security Act in Farm Bill
May 14, 2013:New Economic Assessment of Farm Bill Dairy Security Act Says It’s Better for Farmers and Taxpayers
May 14, 2013:NMPF Pleased with Senate Agriculture Committee Farm Bill Approval
May 10, 2013:NMPF Praises Dairy Provisions in House Agriculture Committee Farm Bill
May 09, 2013:NMPF Welcomes Senate Agriculture Committee Farm Bill Draft
May 08, 2013:NMPF Joins More than 50 Dairy Organizations in Urging House Agriculture Committee to Include Dairy Security Act in Farm Bill
April 26, 2013:NMPF Reaction to Introduction of Goodlatte-Scott Dairy Freedom Act
April 25, 2013:Outcomes at National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments Disappointing to NMPF
April 17, 2013:NMPF Praises Senate Agreement on Agriculture Worker Component of Immigration Reform
April 16, 2013:New White Paper Demonstrates Advantages of Dairy Security Act Over Alternative Approach Offering Only Margin Insurance
April 12, 2013:NMPF Welcomes Agriculture Labor Immigration Reform Agreement
April 12, 2013:USDEC and NMPF commend U.S. decision to welcome Japan into TPP talks
April 09, 2013:Economic Analysis Says Dairy Security Act Works to Increase Dairy Farm Revenue
April 04, 2013:Dairy Security Act Would Have Increased Farm Milk Prices More Than $1.00 Per Cwt. Had it Been in Effect Last Year
March 27, 2013:NMPF Launches See It? Stop It! Initiative to Empower Farm Workers
March 19, 2013:National Dairy FARM Program Reaches 70% Participation Threshold