Press Releases

September 09, 2014:NMPF and the National Association of Clean Water Agencies Sign Landmark MOU to Increase Collaboration on Watershed Improvement Projects
September 05, 2014:NMPF Launches Online Calculator to Help Farmers Select Coverage Levels under New Dairy Safety Net
August 28, 2014:NMPF Pleased with Newly Unveiled Margin Protection Program for Dairy Farmers
August 15, 2014:Clay Detlefsen Joins NMPF’s Regulatory Affairs Department
August 04, 2014:NMPF Wants Dairy Ingredients Problem Fixed in FDA ‘Added Sugar’ Definition
August 01, 2014:Biogas Opportunities Roadmap will foster innovation, revenue for dairy farms
July 31, 2014:NMPF, USDEC Praise Congressional Letter Urging Agricultural Market Access to Japan and Canada in TPP
July 31, 2014:NMPF Supports FDA’s Draft Food Shipment Safety Regulations
July 29, 2014:Dairy Industry to Congress: Korea Trade Pact Beneficial, But Cheese Access Remains Restricted Due to Korea’s Agreement with the European Union
July 22, 2014:University of Florida Grad Student Receives NMPF Dairy Research Award
July 14, 2014:NMPF Endorses Draft U.S.-Canadian Plan for Regionalization of Trade If Countries are Confronted with Outbreak of Serious Animal Disease
July 09, 2014:Vermont Dairy Farmer, Mother & Blogger Discusses Biotechnology Benefits at House Hearing
July 07, 2014:NMPF Asks EPA to Withdraw Guidance that Could Hinder Water Conservation on Farms
July 01, 2014:NMPF Statement on White House Announcement on Impasse over Immigration Reform
June 30, 2014:NMPF Asks FDA to Exempt Dairy Farms from Additional Regulation Under Food Safety Modernization Act
June 12, 2014:NMPF Statement on Veto of Connecticut Legislation Banning Chocolate Milk from School Cafeterias
June 10, 2014:NMPF Thanks EPA for Allowing More Time to Consider U.S. Waterways Regulation
June 03, 2014:NMPF & USDEC Members Insist that TPP Must Deliver Meaningful Access for All Dairy Products
May 30, 2014:NMPF Asks EPA to Allow More Time to Consider Science Behind Regulation of Waters of the U.S.
May 15, 2014:177 House Members Urge the Obama Administration to Remove EU Trade Barriers Hampering U.S. Dairy Industry
May 05, 2014:NMPF Smacks Sugar Focus of FDA Food Labeling Regulatory Efforts
April 09, 2014:NMPF Praises New Voluntary GMO Labeling Bill
April 09, 2014:NMPF Statement on Introduction of House Bill Blocking Changes in FDA Regulation of Brewers’ Grains for Use as Animal Feed
April 01, 2014:NMPF Asks FDA to Rewrite Draft Animal Feed Regulation
March 28, 2014:Dairy Industry Applauds White House Strategy for Methane Emissions Reduction
March 27, 2014:IDFA and NMPF Urge Congress to Reject New Legislation Allowing Interstate Sales of Unpasteurized Milk
March 11, 2014:U.S. Senate Warns Europeans to Stop Food Fight Over Dairy Names
February 27, 2014:NMPF Statement on Proposed FDA Food Labeling Regulations
February 27, 2014:U.S. Dairy Organizations Say Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Must Further Open Japan, Canada to Exports
February 06, 2014:IDFA and NMPF Urge South Dakota Lawmakers to Reject State Legislation Easing Regulations of Sales of Unpasteurized Milk