A Day on a Dairy Farm with the Ziehm Family

Release date: December 21,2015
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People can now learn more about where their food comes from through U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance’s® (USFRA®) new “Day on a Farm” online video series, created in collaboration with the online kitchen and home destination Food52Today's video is from Tiashoke Farm in Buskirk, N.Y. Dairy farmers Stuart and Jessica Ziehm talk about their lives as dairy farmers and why they "wouldn't change anything for the world."

From USFRA: “More than ever, people are interested in learning how their food is grown and raised, but most don’t have an opportunity to hear directly from farmers and ranchers or to see food production in action,” said CEO Randy Krotz. “America’s farms and ranches are as diverse as the consumers who eat their food – and our goal is to show a variety of farming and ranching practices and the people at the forefront of these practices. USFRA is excited to partner with the Food52 community to bring food production to life.”

Find out more about USFRA and the video series here.