NMPF Statement on Mercy for Animals Wisconsin Farm Video

Release date: December 10,2013
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Actions engaged in by several of the farm’s employees and seen on the videotape are deplorable, and violate cow care protocols that detail how to properly move animals that may have trouble walking or standing.

An independent animal care review panel organized by the Center for Food Integrity confirmed that the practices seen in the video are unacceptable. The dairy industry takes claims about animal mistreatment very seriously and condemns the practices depicted. Evidence of possible animal abuse should be addressed by the appropriate state and local authorities whose job it is to investigate such claims.

Proper animal stewardship is critically important for cows and people, and NMPF continues to urge farms across America to adopt the specific best practices in NMPF’s animal care program, the National Dairy FARM Program: Farmers Assuring Responsible Management. The malicious striking or dragging of animals is completely inappropriate, and is disavowed by the FARM program. In light of the actions displayed on the video, the FARM program will investigate the farm in question, and take appropriate actions regarding its future participation in the program.

As an initial step, we strongly encourage the farm’s owners to strengthen their employee training protocols, and require all employees to acknowledge and sign the policy that dictates zero tolerance for animal abuse, as a condition of employment.


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