December 16, 2016: Dairy Organizations Applaud Congressional Letter to FDA Asking for Stricter Enforcement of Milk Labeling Standards
December 06, 2016: Dairy Groups Send Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump Detailing Importance of Dairy Trade
November 09, 2016: Statement from National Milk Producers Federation on Election of Donald Trump
November 01, 2016: NMPF President Commemorates Organization’s Centennial with Insights on how Past Achievements Set Path for Future
October 17, 2016: Leading Farm Organizations Challenge Dannon and Other Food Companies on Retreat from Sustainable Agriculture Practices
October 11, 2016: NMPF Statement on USDA Decision to Purchase Cheese to Help Dairy Farmers
October 11, 2016: Economic Study Shows Billions of Dollars in Losses to U.S. Dairy Industry Under Abusive EU Geographical Indications Policies
September 12, 2016: FARM Program, Merck Animal Health to Jointly Offer Animal Care Training Webinars for Version 3.0
September 12, 2016: Dairy Groups Across the Globe Urge Trade Officials to Challenge New Protectionist Dairy Policy in Canada
September 01, 2016: USDEC, NMPF Laud Senators Schumer, Baldwin for Urging Investigation of New Canadian Barriers
August 23, 2016: NMPF Statement on USDA Decision to Purchase Cheese to Help Dairy Farmers
August 12, 2016: NMPF Asks USDA to Provide Assistance to Dairy Farmers Struggling from Global Milk Price Depression
August 11, 2016: U.S., Mexican Dairy Industry Leaders Pledge Renewed Cooperation at Conclusion of Successful Dairy Summit
July 26, 2016: NMPF Introduces FARM Environmental Stewardship Component to Help Measure Progress Made by Dairy Farms in Sustainability Practices
July 20, 2016: NMPF Supports Senate Legislation to Create Tax Incentive for Investments in Biogas and Nutrient Recovery
July 14, 2016: NMPF Comment on Passage of Biotech Labeling Bill in House of Representatives
July 11, 2016: NMPF Endorses Legislation Protecting Dairy Farms from Litigation Under Solid Waste Law
July 08, 2016: National Dairy FARM Program to Lead One-Day Session at 49th Annual AABP Conference
July 07, 2016: NMPF Statement on Senate Passage of Roberts-Stabenow Biotech Food Labeling Legislation
July 06, 2016: NMPF Commends Senate for Moving Roberts-Stabenow Biotech Labeling Amendment Toward Final Vote
July 05, 2016: NMPF Offers Updated Tools to Help Dairy Farmers Enrolling in Margin Protection Program for 2017
June 29, 2016: Dairy Organizations Lament Impact of Canada’s Barriers to Dairy Trade as North American Summit Begins
June 28, 2016: NMPF Joins More Than 1,000 Food and Farm Groups in Letter to Senate Leaders Urging Passage of Roberts-Stabenow Biotech Food Labeling Legislation
June 23, 2016: NMPF Statement on Roberts-Stabenow Agreement on Food Biotech Legislation
June 16, 2016: NMPF Endorses New Legislation Creating Tax Incentive for Investments in Biogas and Nutrient Recovery
June 14, 2016: NMPF Chairman Calls for Strict Trade Agreement Enforcement; Expresses Strong Concerns with Future of TTIP Negotiations
June 08, 2016: NMPF Board Adopts Resolution Urging Congress to Pass Federal Biotech Labeling Standard
May 24, 2016: NMPF Chairman Tells House Agriculture Subcommittee That Dairy Farm Safety Net Needs Work
May 19, 2016: USDEC, NMPF Respond to International Trade Commission’s economic impact analysis of Trans-Pacific Partnership
May 18, 2016: Dairy Industry Applauds School Milk Support
May 09, 2016: White House Asked to Challenge WHO Proposal Discouraging Dairy for Children up to Age 3
April 28, 2016: NMPF Announces Promotion of Emily Meredith; Welcomes Two New Employees
April 27, 2016: Dairy Industry Urges Continued U.S. Focus on Defending Common Names Rights
April 25, 2016: Dairy Groups Thank Senators for Urging Action on Agricultural Issues in Trade Agreement with Europe
April 21, 2016: Members of Congress Urge Obama Administration to Ensure Trans-Pacific Partnership Benefits are Not Undermined
April 13, 2016: NMPF, IDFA Urge Congress to Challenge WHO Proposal Prohibiting Promotion of Milk & Milk Products to Young Children
April 12, 2016: USDA Announces Improvements in Dairy Margin Protection Program
April 11, 2016: Dairy Organizations Seek Congressional Support for Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
March 16, 2016: NMPF Statement on Senate Vote on GMO Legislation
March 09, 2016: NMPF Board of Directors Approves Changes in FARM Program Version 3.0
March 08, 2016: NMPF Board Endorses Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
March 03, 2016: NMPF President Tells Senate Panel about Possibilities, Pitfalls with Past Free Trade Agreements
March 02, 2016: Dairy Industry Commends U.S. Administration for Securing Clarity on U.S. Market Access Rights under Central American FTA
March 01, 2016: NMPF Supports New Senate Food Labeling Bill Approved Today by Agriculture Committee
February 16, 2016: FARM and BQA Extend Collaborative Commitment on Animal Care Issues