November 17, 2011: NMPF Elects New Board Officers at Annual Meeting; Foremost Farms Wins Cheese Championship
November 16, 2011: NMPF Chairman, President Cite Successes at Annual Meeting
November 15, 2011: NMPF’s 2012 Antibiotic Residue Prevention Manual Now Available
November 01, 2011: NMPF Urges Food and Drug Administration to Defend Laws Against Raw Milk Sales
November 01, 2011: Mixed Findings from Dairy Policy Study Illustrate Shortcomings of Simplistic Interpretation of Economic Analysis
October 21, 2011: NMPF and USDEC Support Program to Comply with NAFTA Trucking Agreement
October 12, 2011: Free Trade Agreements Win Congressional Passage; Dairy to Benefit with Greater Market Access
October 06, 2011: NMPF Welcomes Inclusion of Foundation for the Future Legislative Language in Lugar-Stutzman Farm Bill Draft
October 04, 2011: NMPF Tells Senate Committee That Immigration Policy Needs Fixing
October 03, 2011: U.S. Dairy Industry Urges Passage of Trade Agreements by Congress
October 01, 2011: Congress Leaves Dairy Farmers Without Safety Net In Absence of New Farm Bill
September 23, 2011: NMPF Hails Introduction of Dairy Security Act Legislation
September 21, 2011: NMPF Board Advocates Changes to Peterson-Simpson Dairy Policy Reform Package
September 14, 2011: Reforms of Federal Order Dairy Pricing System, Featured in Foundation for the Future Package, to Simplify Milk Pricing
September 08, 2011: NMPF Statement on House Agriculture Subcommittee Hearing
September 06, 2011: Foundation for the Future Offers Affordable Risk Management Tools to Dairy Farmers of All Sizes
August 25, 2011: Foundation for the Future Program Conducive to the U.S. Growing Its Role as Major Dairy Exporter
August 17, 2011: Rumors to the Contrary, Foundation for the Future’s Market Stabilization Plan Would Not Have Taken Effect During 2010 or 2011
August 11, 2011: NMPF’s Foundation for the Future Program is National in Scope, Equal in Effect
August 11, 2011: NMPF Welcomes Addition of Republican Congressional Cosponsor Mike Simpson for Foundation for the Future Dairy Policy Package
August 09, 2011: NMPF Statement on USDA’s Animal Identification Announcement
August 03, 2011: Dairy Producers Reject Status Quo, Support Policy Offering Budget Savings
July 19, 2011: Milk Producers Continue to Enroll in New National Dairy FARM Program to Assure Consumers
July 14, 2011: NMPF Statement in Response to Criticisms of FFTF Legislative Proposal Made by the International Dairy Foods Association
July 13, 2011: NMPF Welcomes Release of Draft Legislative Version of Foundation for the Future Dairy Policy Package
June 29, 2011: National Milk Producers Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona’s Immigration Law
June 23, 2011: NMPF Backs New Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation in Senate to Address Dairy Farm Workforce Needs
June 23, 2011: Dairy Organizations Applaud Senate Step Forward on U.S.-Russia Trade Relations
June 02, 2011: USDA’s New MyPlate Symbol Emphasizes Dairy’s Contribution to Healthy Eating
June 01, 2011: NMPF to Host Summer Foundation for the Future Meetings
May 04, 2011: Proposal to Reduce Somatic Cells Counts Defeated by National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments
May 03, 2011: Validus Selected as Verifier for National Dairy FARM Program Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly version Send to friend Release date: May 03, 2011 PDF Version Third-Party Verification to Begin this Summer ARLINGTON, VA – The National Mil
April 20, 2011: NMPF Statement on Video from Texas Calf Ranch
April 18, 2011: NMPF Backs New Senate Legislation to Help Address Labor Needs on Dairy Farms
April 13, 2011: Dairy Groups Seek Swift Resolution of NAFTA Trucking Dispute with Mexico
April 12, 2011: EPA Finalizes Dairy Exemption Sought by NMPF for Oil Spill Regulation of Milk Tanks
April 07, 2011: Dairy Groups Welcome Progress on U.S.-Colombia FTA
April 04, 2011: Update on EPA Radiation Testing of U.S. Milk Supply
April 04, 2011: NMPF and IDFA Criticize New Jersey Raw Milk Bill, Urge Governor to Oppose It
March 18, 2011: NMPF Applauds Long-Awaited Arrival of Promotion Checkoff on Dairy Imports
March 08, 2011: NMPF Board of Directors Approves Proposal to Improve Federal Milk Marketing Order System as Part of Foundation for the Future
March 04, 2011: NMPF Statement on Dairy Industry Advisory Council Vote on March 3rd from Jerry Kozak, President and CEO of NMPF
March 03, 2011: Dairy Groups Applaud U.S. Government Action to Resolve NAFTA Trucking Dispute with Mexico
March 02, 2011: NMPF Analysis Shows IDFA-Funded Informa Study Miscalculated Impact of Foundation for the Future Program
January 26, 2011: Dairy Industry Statement on Supplemental Antibiotic Residue Testing