December 22, 2010: Dairy Industry Gears Up for 2011 National Dairy Producers Conference
December 17, 2010: NMPF Pleased With Outcome of Estate Tax Debate
December 09, 2010: Agriculture Report Questions EPA Model for Regulating Pollution in Chesapeake Region
December 06, 2010: Dairy Groups Urge Immediate Passage of U.S.-South Korea Trade Agreement
December 03, 2010: Child Nutrition Bill Passes House, Heads to President to Become Law
November 30, 2010: Dairy Producers Urge Congress to Pass Estate Tax Reform in Lame-Duck Session
November 29, 2010: NMPF, Other Farm Groups to Host Press Conference Tuesday on Estate Tax Relief
November 08, 2010: NMPF Promotes Dana Brooks to Senior Vice President of Government Relations
November 04, 2010: Dairy Cattle Antibiotic Residue Prevention Manual Available Free to Farmers
October 27, 2010: NMPF Chairman, President Report Progress at Joint Annual Meeting
October 13, 2010: Foundation for the Future Only Answer to New Reality of Higher Feed Costs
September 29, 2010: NMPF Endorses Legislation to Help Dairy Farmers with Workforce Needs
September 29, 2010: U.S. Congress Defends Naming Rights for U.S. Cheeses
September 28, 2010: NMPF Launches Foundation for the Future Website
September 22, 2010: NDB, NMPF, UDIA Joint Annual Meeting to be Held Oct. 26-28 in Reno
September 22, 2010: NMPF Releases A Farmer-Friendly Tool to Assist Dairy Producers in Developing Oil SPCC Plans
September 15, 2010: House of Representatives Approves Mandatory Dairy Pricing Reporting Measure, Ensuring Improved Marketplace Transparency
September 14, 2010: CWT Sues Illinois Livestock Auction Market for Violating Terms of Recent Herd Retirement Program
September 03, 2010: Farms Now Able to Enroll in the National Dairy Farm Program
August 18, 2010: Lack of U.S. Action Results in Retaliatory Tariffs on U.S. Cheese Exports
July 28, 2010: NMPF Again Reminds Food and Drug Administration That Food Packages Need To Be Properly Labeled With Appropriate Product Names
July 12, 2010: NMPF Receives $25,000 Matching Funds from USDA to Educate Dairy Producers about SPCC Regulations
July 01, 2010: Dairy Groups Applaud Committee Approval of Bill to Expand Ag Exports to Cuba
June 15, 2010: June Dairy Month Passes Unanimously in the House
June 11, 2010: EPA to Delay Deadline for Spill Control Regulation of Bulk Milk Tanks
June 10, 2010: NMPF Elects New Officer, Board Members
June 09, 2010: NMPF Board of Directors Overwhelmingly Adopts Multi‐Faceted Proposal To Make Major Changes in U.S. Dairy Policy
June 08, 2010: Key Components to Animal Well-Being Program Now Available in Spanish
May 26, 2010: NMPF Statement on Ohio Dairy Video – May 2010
May 19, 2010: NMPF and IDFA Thank Wisconsin Gov. Doyle for Vetoing Raw Milk Bill
May 13, 2010: Dairy Producers Discuss Key Trade Issues with U.S. Trade Representative
May 11, 2010: NMPF and IDFA Criticize Wisconsin Raw Milk Bill, Urge Federal Lawmakers to Legislate Restrictions on Sales of Unpasteurized Milk
April 30, 2010: Chinese Market to Remain Open for U.S. Dairy Products
April 29, 2010: FDA Should Stop Imitation Products From Milking Dairy Terms, Says NMPF
March 12, 2010: NMPF Testifies at House Hearing in Favor of More U.S. Dairy Exports to Cuba
March 01, 2010: USDA Final Decision on Large Producer Milk Bottlers Levels Playing Field for Dairy Farmers
February 24, 2010: Dairy Groups Support the Cuba Travel Restriction Reform and Export Enhancement Act
February 23, 2010: Congressional Members, Livestock Groups Hold Educational Briefings on Antibiotics
January 06, 2010: NMPF Staff Reorganization to Augment Efforts on Dairy Industry Issues in 2010