Press Releases

November 19, 2015:Statement from NMPF President and CEO Jim Mulhern on FDA Announcements Regarding Labeling of Food from Genetically Engineered Sources
November 17, 2015:Sign-Up Deadline for 2016 Dairy Margin Program Coverage Is End of This Week
November 17, 2015:NMPF Director of Government Relations Promoted to Senior Director of Industry & Environmental Affairs
November 16, 2015:New 2016 FARM Residue Prevention Manual Focuses on Antimicrobial Stewardship
November 06, 2015:Statement from NMPF and USDEC on Release of Full Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
October 28, 2015:Representatives from Major Food Marketing Companies Extol Need for Continuous Improvement and Collaboration with Dairy Farmers
October 27, 2015:NMPF Reflects on 100 Years of Leadership at Federation’s 99th Annual Meeting
October 26, 2015:NMPF Board Advances Phase-Out of Tail Docking
October 22, 2015:House Panel Approves NMPF-Backed Amendment Allowing Increased Truck Weight Limits for Milk Hauling
October 21, 2015:Vermont Dairy Farmer Testifies Before Senate Agriculture Committee on Federal Regulation of Biotechnology
October 21, 2015:Wide Range of Foreign Dairy Subsidies Limits U.S. Farmers' Ability to Sell Products Overseas, NMPF Says
October 19, 2015:NMPF, USDEC and IDFA Urge Senate to Solve COOL Labeling Issue to Head Off Tariffs on U.S. Dairy Products
October 09, 2015:NMPF Commends U.S. Court Decision to Halt Implementation of Waters of the U.S. Final Rule
October 09, 2015:Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Pact Closes; Impact on US Dairy Not Yet Clear
October 04, 2015:Long-Running Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Conclude: Dairy Industry to Analyze Details
September 22, 2015:NMPF Statement on USDA Dairy Margin Protection Program Deadline Extension
September 15, 2015:NMPF Asks Agriculture Department to Give Dairy Farmers Two More Months to Enroll in Margin Protection Program for 2016
September 10, 2015:Dairy Industry Commends Representative Reid Ribble for Introducing Safe Trucking Act
September 09, 2015:Losing Immigrant Workers on Dairy Farms Would Nearly Double Retail Milk Prices and Cost the Economy More than $32 Billion, New Report Finds
August 31, 2015:NMPF Asks EPA, Army Corps to Suspend National Enforcement of New Water Regulation Pending Resolution of Court Cases
August 05, 2015:Merck Animal Health Partners with NMPF in Support of Dairy Farmers’ Efforts to Provide Quality Animal Care
July 26, 2015:Dairy Groups Commend Senate Appeals for a Robust U.S. Dairy Outcome in TPP Talks -- July 26
July 24, 2015:Groups Praise Senate Finance Committee Leaders for Demanding that Canada Accept More Dairy Imports -- July 24
July 23, 2015:NMPF Hails House Passage of Voluntary GMO Food Labeling Bill -- July 23
July 16, 2015:Dairy Groups Aligned with Congressional Leaders in Disapproving of GI Treaty
July 15, 2015:Dairy Groups Commend House Members for Urging Canada to Increase Market Access
July 13, 2015:NMPF Offers Online Tools to Help Dairy Farmers During Margin Protection Program Enrollment Period
June 24, 2015:Dairy Groups Commend Senate for Passing TPA Legislation, Clearing It for President’s Signature
June 18, 2015:Dairy Groups Commend House for Resuming Progress on TPA Legislation
June 18, 2015:Congressional Hearing Focuses On Need for National GMO Labeling Requirements