Press Releases

April 16, 2015:Dairy Groups Urge Quick Congressional Action on New TPA Legislation
April 16, 2015:NMPF Statement on House Vote to Repeal Estate Tax
April 06, 2015:Congress Seeks a Positive Market-Access Outcome for U.S. Dairy in Pacific Trade Pact
April 02, 2015:NMPF Thanks West Virginia Governor for Vetoing Bill Permitting Raw Milk Sales
March 25, 2015:NMPF Applauds Introduction of Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act
March 24, 2015:NMPF Statement on U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report
March 24, 2015:Vermont Dairy Farmer Tells House Agriculture Committee about Biotechnology’s Benefits to Consumers
March 19, 2015:U.S. Dairy Groups Join Australia & New Zealand in Call for Ambitious Outcome in Trans-Pacific Partnership
March 18, 2015:NMPF to Congress: Favorable Trade Deals Needed to Sustain Recent Dairy Export Growth
March 05, 2015:FDA Analysis Demonstrates U.S. Milk Supply is Safe from Drug Residues
March 02, 2015:NMPF/USDEC Endorse Trade Promotion Authority Approval for Trade Agreements
February 19, 2015:Dairy Industry Reaction to New Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report
February 14, 2015:NMPF President Thanks Wisconsin Congressional Leaders for Focusing on Expanded Dairy Exports
February 13, 2015:House Votes to Permanently Extend Favorable Tax Treatment of Farmers’ Capital Purchases
February 12, 2015:Dairy Groups Laud Congressional Leaders for Stressing Importance of Full Discussion of Trademarks and Common Names
February 05, 2015:USDEC/NMPF Applaud Ways and Means Chairman Ryan for Comments on Dairy Trade
February 02, 2015:EPA Withdraws Water Guidance as Result of NMPF Objections
January 29, 2015:114th Congress Will Include a Large, Bipartisan Dairy Farmer Caucus
January 16, 2015:USDA Provides Additional Data on Dairy Farms Enrolled in Margin Protection Program
January 12, 2015:More than Half of U.S. Dairy Farms Enroll in New Margin Protection Program
January 08, 2015:NMPF, USDEC and IDFA Support Coalition Efforts to Facilitate U.S. Dairy Exports to Cuba
December 19, 2014:U.S. Dairy Industry Praises Outcome of Talks with China on Cheese Name Issue
December 16, 2014:NMPF Thanks House and Senate for Sending Section 179 Extension to the White House
December 11, 2014:NMPF: New Study from the CDC Offers Powerful Argument Against Efforts to Ease Restrictions on Raw Milk Consumption
December 09, 2014:Ag Communicator Emily Meredith Honored as 30 & Under ‘Rising PR Star’
December 04, 2014:U.S. Negotiators Must Prioritize TPP Market Access Gains for U.S. Dairy Industry, Not for Other Countries, Dairy Groups Urge
December 04, 2014:NMPF Thanks USDA for Extending Sign-Up Deadline for New Margin Protection Program
December 01, 2014:Sign-Up Deadline for the New Dairy Safety Net Is End of This Week
November 24, 2014:Booklet from NMPF Covers Your Dairy Data Needs
November 21, 2014:NMPF Statement on White House Executive Action on Immigration Policy