Activities and Accomplishments Report

The Activities and Accomplishments Report is an account of various achievements of the National Milk Producers Federation. Published annually, the report provides cooperative members with an accurate glimpse of NMPF's actions and the important issues it faces each year.


Current Issue: 2016 Report

"In a testament to the strong and enduring voice the National Milk Producers Federation provides on behalf of its members, NMPF embarked on its second century in 2016. Throughout the year, we had many opportunities to speak out on behalf of the dairy community. While much has changed in the past 100 years, many of the challenges we tackle today on behalf of our members strike a resounding, familiar chord across the decades.
In so many areas – from taxes, to labor, to food safety, to child nutrition – 2016 proved to be a busy and successful year for National Milk and its members. The year was capped by an historic election that is producing huge changes in the political climate in Washington. NMPF will continue to advocate for these and many other issues in the coming year, as we create opportunities out of problems and seek creative solutions to our dairy community’s major public policy challenges. 
The successes of this year were only made possible because of the incredible leadership by our NMPF Officers, Board of Directors, and the engagement of our membership. Thank you for your continued support and confidence in the mission of NMPF, which remains as vital today as it did in 1916."

Jim Mulhern
President & CEO - NMPF


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