Activities and Accomplishments Report

The Activities and Accomplishments Report is an account of various achievements of the National Milk Producers Federation. Published annually, the report provides cooperative members with an accurate glimpse of NMPF's actions and the important issues it faces each year.


Current Issue: 2015 Report

"2015 was more challenging economically for dairy farmers as the stratospheric milk prices of 2014 came crashing back to earth. Milk income over feed costs dipped below $8/cwt. for part of the year, but few producers purchased coverage at the top-end level in the new dairy Margin Protection Program. As a result, the program was not really tested for the types of catastrophic situations it was designed to address.

It was a busy year for our 12-year-old Cooperatives Working Together effort, which helped members export the equivalent of nearly 1.5 billion pounds of milk. In a year when domestic prices were disappointing, we were at least able to thwart the disastrous situations experienced by dairy producers elsewhere in the world. While we continue efforts to enhance the MPP program, we are fortunate in the United States that we have the twin tools of MPP and CWT to help deter the type of conditions here that were common throughout the rest of the globe last year.

We focused our efforts on expanding long-term opportunities for dairy, in both domestic and world markets, as well as in government nutrition policy. In 2015, we blunted efforts to impose costly regulations in the areas of the environment and food safety. And we worked to provide beneficial tax relief to farmers as the year ended."

Jim Mulhern
President & CEO - NMPF